Is it worth investing in an outdoor kitchen?

Picture of an outdoor kitchen with a patio awning

Why are outdoor kitchens popular?

Putting a pizza oven or a barbecue in your garden can quickly turn your patio into the hottest spot for social gatherings. But you can only do so much with a BBQ. That’s why homeowners are starting to invest in ‘wow factor’ outdoor kitchens, prioritising their outdoor entertainment spaces more than ever before.

In fact, outdoor kitchens have risen in popularity from last year. According to our 2023 Trends Report, outdoor cooking areas are a top 20 home improvement homeowners are planning on spending money on this year!

This is because they can upgrade your dinner parties and make you the most popular host in your friendship circle. However, outdoor kitchens aren’t always practical, especially if you don’t have a huge garden, or have nearby neighbours who could raise noise complaints. In other words, there are plenty of pros and cons to getting an outdoor kitchen.

Thinking of investing in one? Read on to help you decide if an outdoor kitchen is worth it…

Outdoor concrete kitchen with dining table and grey chairs under a covered pergola

Is an outdoor kitchen worth it?

Yes, if outdoor entertainment is a priority

Outdoor kitchens are great for homes with comfortable garden space and for people who love to entertain outdoors. Rather than travel back and forth to your kitchen, an outdoor cooking area allows you to cook and entertain all in one place, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. With outdoor kitchen appliances, you can avoid making a mess indoors during gatherings by cooking a wide range of foods right in your garden.

You won’t have to worry about cramming your kitchen or dining area with loads of guests either. In the summer, you’ll be able to avoid turning your home into a furnace by cooking outdoors instead, ensuring that you and your guests stay cool during your dinner parties.

It’s not surprising that outdoor areas are growing in popularity, as they’re the perfect addition to any patio and a great excuse to invite guests over, especially during the summer.

Outdoor kitchens make entertaining a relaxing affair. Speak to a local kitchen fitter today to request a quote.


No, if you’re worried about outdoor kitchen security

Anything stored outside your home is susceptible to theft. Though grills, outdoor ovens and stainless steel worktops are harder to steal (and are usually bolted down), other parts of your outdoor kitchen and their accessories are at risk of being stolen if you don’t bring them indoors or ensure they are locked up safe.

If your home doesn’t have good security, such as alarms, motion lights and high fences, then you might want to question whether investing in an outdoor kitchen could lead to future thefts. Anything left on a countertop or in a fridge could be taken, as well as everything kept in side trolleys and in your outdoor dining space (including your table and chairs, if they’re not secured to your patio)! Backyards are prime targets for burglars, so prepping to prevent theft is important when you layout and plan for your outdoor cooking space.

You’ll also need to make sure all food is properly sealed with good quality outdoor kitchen storage to avoid attracting unwanted animals like mice and racoons to your back garden.

For more information on home you can keep burglars away, read our top tips on home security.

Picture of an outdoor kitchen with patio and stone countertops

Yes, if you want to add value to your home with an outdoor kitchen

Another great benefit of investing in an outdoor kitchen is that they can add value to your home. This year, outdoor kitchens are a top 20 home improvement homeowners are looking to spend money on, with an average planned spend of £10,112 for an outdoor cooking area.

Outdoor kitchens are in high demand, so having one built in your home will increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. Plus, you can customise it however you want, with tons of design features and add-ons to help you lay out and create the perfect space to entertain and cook in.

No, if you don’t want to deal with outdoor kitchen maintenance

Looking after your outdoor kitchen will require a certain amount of maintenance which may put you off from investing in one. Exposed to the elements, outdoor kitchens are prone to getting dirty and worn down a lot faster than indoor appliances, due to the impact of weather and grime.

This means that you need to clean and look after your outdoor kitchen a lot more regularly. You’ll also need to clean it more thoroughly than you would for your indoor kitchen. In the winter, you’ll need to take extra steps to look after your kitchen against the colder elements. This includes draining outdoor faucets and polishing your stainless steel counters. The more features you add, the more work keeping your outdoor kitchen will be, so keep this in mind when you plan for a barbecue, grill, pizza oven, side burners and several worktops!

There are ways to minimise this problem though. For instance, you could invest in a screened-in outdoor kitchen which protects your appliances from the elements and makes maintaining your kitchen so much easier.

Thinking of getting an outdoor kitchen? Speak to a local kitchen fitter to find out more.


Picture of an outdoor kitchen with a black and a white stool and wooden deck to the left

Yes, if you want to increase your home’s liveable space

If you have a decent sized garden, an outdoor kitchen will increase your home’s liveable space. This is particularly good for smaller homes that don’t have big entertainment areas, as your garden becomes a valuable entertainment space. In the summer, you can catch some sun in your outdoor seating area and in the cooler months you can invest in an outdoor space heater or layer up in blankets to keep making the most of that liveable space.

If your garden is quite small, consider whether cutting down on garden space is worth it, as outdoor kitchens do take up a lot of space. If you don’t have enough room between you and your neighbours’ gardens, then an outdoor kitchen could lead to noise complaints, so keep this in mind too.

No, if you don’t think use versus cost for an outdoor kitchen is worth it

Although an outdoor kitchen can truly upgrade your summer entertainment, consider how much you’d really end up using it.

Since we live in the UK, you may find that your outdoor kitchen would remain unused for a large part of the year, with only a few months in the summer to make the most of your outdoor cooking area. To make the most of your new entertainment space, you could add a fire pit or heaters so that you can use your outdoor kitchen during the winter as well.

Remember, you’ll also have to keep both of your kitchens stocked to fully benefit from both of them. No point having an outdoor fridge if it’s always empty!

Picture of an outdoor kitchen with lit candles and view of mountain in the distance

An outdoor entertainment area is the 7th top home improvement homeowners are planning to spend money on this year, which demonstrates how valued outdoor entertainment is, and how much potential there is in turning your garden into a liveable space.

There are plenty of benefits to getting an outdoor kitchen, as well as a few cons. It all comes down to how much you want an outdoor space to host your friends and family.

If you’re thinking of getting an outdoor kitchen, speak to a skilled kitchen fitter today to find out more.


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