Cheap, value adding projects to help you sell your property

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Are you looking to maximise the value of your property before you sell? Or do you simply want to see your home reach its full potential? Though expensive projects like house extensions and conversions can skyrocket the value of your property, smaller projects should not be underestimated either.

Following the recent spike in mortgage rates and housing prices post-pandemic, every little can – and will – help you make the most of your home, regardless of whether you are looking to sell at the moment. Below are some tips on cheaper projects and maintenance jobs you can complete to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Improve your kerb appeal

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The truth is – first impressions do count. The first thing prospective buyers are going to see is the outside of your property, so you want to make sure it doesn’t look old and worn down.

A freshly painted front door can add thousands of pounds to the value of your property, especially if you paint yours in neutral colours, rather than bright colours that stand out and that can turn off buyers before they even walk through the door! Consider having a brand new door installed instead, if yours is very worn out, and replace your old doormat with a new one. A shiny new house number is also a good idea.

For homes with front gardens, consider tidying yours up with some general maintenance tasks. Get rid of weeds, trim your hedges and plant some fresh flowers to add a pop of colour that will appeal to buyers. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry – our skilled gardeners are ready to help you boost the value of your property.


If your driveway is damaged, having it repaired by a driveway specialist will help make your property seem brand new, since cracked driveways look unsightly and can damage vehicles. Rendering your external walls will also increase your home’s kerb appeal and value, helping to prevent damp whilst adding a layer of insulation to your property.

Small revamps

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Inside your home, some of the same logic applies – try and make it seem as clean and uncluttered as possible before you invite buyers to visit. Tired looking walls will benefit from a fresh coat of paint, though make sure you stick to neutral, crowd pleasing colours. If your walls are painted in bright, unusual colours, this can turn off buyers. It will definitely pay to paint over them in a more neutral colour.

It’s worth doing a full house clean to make sure your home sparkles. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will also help brighten up your indoor spaces.

Lastly, if you don’t have the budget for a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation, think about small, cheap elements you can add to help make these rooms in your home seem brand new. In your bathroom, a new shower curtain, taps or toilet seat can go a long way to revamping that space, whilst new splashbacks or cabinet doors can boost the value and appearance of your kitchen.

Buyers place a lot of value on these two rooms in particular, so focus your efforts on making them look fresh – it can be as easy as replacing some old handles! Doing so well help you avoid a full house renovation, and make your property seem like it was recently refurbished, all with minimal costs and effort.


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Homeowners really love good lighting. When buyers come to visit, make sure all the rooms in your house are as bright as possible. Drab, dark rooms on an overcast day can hurt your chances of impressing a buyer, so consider having new lighting installed with bright, LED bulbs. You could even buy a few, inexpensive table lamps to add even more light. An electrician can help install your new lighting for you.


The more light the better, and there’s nothing worse than old curtains that have seen better days – why not consider swapping yours out for modern, white-painted shutters or blinds?

Get planning permission

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Another great way to add value to your property with a limited budget is to apply for planning permission. Potential buyers like to know what renovations they will be able to do on their new property, so being able to show them documents that lays out everything clearly is highly desirable.

If you don’t have time to wait for your application to be accepted, check whether your property has any expired permission that a previous owner applied for, or ask your neighbours whether they have had plans approved for bigger projects like garage and loft conversions. In some cases, projects can be carried out without planning permission, so keep this in mind too.

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As the seller, the best thing you can do to boost the value of your home is to focus on the small, inexpensive details that will help your home seem brand new. Carry out minor repairs, as small defects like broken guttering or roof tiles can build the overall impression that there are more serious problems with your property, turning off potential buyers. Try and avoid hiding problems (such as damp), as this will only anger your buyers when they find out from their surveyor.

Though it won’t make a decisive difference, getting rid of limescale in your bathroom, or a squeaky step on your staircase will increase the appeal and value of your home, helping you sell it to the right buyer for a higher price.

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