Want to install a dog shower? Here’s what you need to know

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A muddy dog can wreak havoc in your house, but washing your pet is no easy job either, often resulting in dirty bathtubs and wet floors. To make doggy bath time easier, many homeowners have started installing dog washing stations in their homes.

In fact, according to our 2023 Trends Report, custom dog showers are the third most popular home improvement homeowners are planning on spending money on this year.

Benefits of using a dog bathtub

Custom dog bath tubs allow you to designate an area in your home for all of your pet grooming needs. Not only does this enable you to save money on trips to the groomers, you can also use your grooming station as storage for your dog’s toys and leashes. Custom dog showers are built with your specific dog’s needs in mind, accounting for your pet’s size and temperament.

Read on to find out everything you need to know before getting your very own dog bath installed.

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Before you install a dog bath, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Where should I put my dog bath?

The last thing you want is a dirty dog splattering mud all over your house as you try and lead it to your bathtub. If possible, you want your dog bath to be installed as near to your front or back doors as possible, to minimise the mess your puppy makes when you get back home.

Utility rooms are a great place to add a dog grooming bath, as they are usually out of the way and on the ground floor. Kitchen and downstairs bathrooms are also good options, because they already have plumbing installed. This will help you keep costs down for your new dog shower. If you have one, your garage could also work well. You might also want to consider glass panels around your dog bath tub to contain spray and minimise mess.

Where you’ll install your dog wash station will depend on the layout of your home. If you aren’t sure what would be best for your house and pet, speak to a skilled bathroom fitter today to get expert advice.


Picture of a dog being washed with soap on dog washer's hands

2. How do I choose the best dog tub for me?

The best thing about custom dog wash stations is that your bathroom fitters will build yours to fit all of your needs. The main thing for you to consider is the size and height of your dog shower.

What size should my dog shower be?

Your dog shower should be at least twice the size of your dog, if not three times its size. You want your dog to be able to sit, lay down and turn on itself, but you don’t want it to be too big that your pet can wander around and move away from you as you’re trying to wash it.

What height should my dog shower be?

As well as size, you also need to think about height. If your dog bath tub is at floor level, then you will need to crouch or bend over to wash your pet. This can lead to a sore back and knees. However, if you don’t have a small dog that you can lift up easily, a dog wash station at waist height could also be inconvenient.

Additional features: dog steps

Instead of having to lift a large dog up, you could consider having steps installed, so your dog can climb in by itself. Pull out steps that you can store under the shower are a great idea if you have limited space. Otherwise, step in showers are recommended for bigger dogs. A handy stool stored nearby will allow you to sit whilst you clean your pet, saving your knees the trouble!

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3. What storage should I have in my dog bath?

You also want to make your dog wash station as practical as possible. Many dogs dislike being washed, and need to be wrestled into the tub. If your towels and products are not stored nearby, your dog might try and escape whilst you’re across the room looking for your dog shampoo.

Shelves on top of the shower are also a good idea, maximising storage space without taking away from floor space, which might be limited in small utility rooms or busy kitchens.

You might also want to do all of your dog’s grooming in your wash station. Built-in storage will allow you to keep nail care, scissors and combs stored conveniently nearby, so that you can pamper your dog properly, without having to keep getting up for pet supplies. Storing a hair dryer nearby can also help speed up the drying process.

We recommend you keep a jar of treats stored nearby, so that you can reward your dog for good behaviour during bath time and grooming.


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4. Safety features to consider for your dog shower

  • To prevent your dog from slipping during bath time, opt for a slip-proof base for your shower, or add a non-slip mat. A non-slip rug on the floor is also a good idea for when your dog comes out of the shower. Dogs are fearful of slippery surfaces, especially puppies, so creating a stable environment will make them more willing to enter the tub to be washed.
  • Safety harnesses that you can clip from your dog’s collar to the wall or base of the bathtub are also a good idea, and can prevent your dog from jumping out and running around your house spraying water everywhere. They can also help you keep your pet in place, so that you can wash and groom it quickly and safely.
  • Aim for a faucet that has a handheld shower head, your dog will move around a lot as you wash it. If you have the option, we recommend thermostatic showers that will maintain your chosen temperature. This will prevent you accidentally spraying your dog with very hot or very cold water!
Picture of a yorkie on a leash being washed

Gone are the days of spraying your dog with water from your garden hose! Installing a dog wash station is a great way to turn doggy bath time into a stress-free affair, whilst also giving you a chance to organise your dog’s bath and grooming accessories. The size, height and added features you choose will depend on the type of dog you have, and how much available space your home has.

Whatever your needs, a skilled bathroom fitter will be able to help you create the perfect custom dog bath tub.


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