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Picture of a luxury bathroom with walk-in shower

Are you in the process of renovating your bathroom? Or are you just looking to upgrade your shower? Either way, choosing between a step in shower and a walk-in can be tricky, as each comes with its own pros and cons.

We’ve compiled some advice below to help you choose. Then, when you’re ready to get started, rely on one of our skilled bathroom fitters to help you get the job done.

What is a step in shower?

On the other hand, step in showers have raised edges, shower panels or doors that you need to cross in order to get into the shower area. These edges are designed to stop water from flowing out. Step ins are the most common type of shower, and often have shower curtains or glass doors that also help contain water.

What is a walk-in shower?

A walk-in shower, also known as a wet room shower, is a shower that doesn’t have any raised edges or doors. This means that you can walk directly into the shower space without obstacles by going up the slightly sloping floor. Walk-in showers are usually very spacious, and are popular for their modern, contemporary look.

Picture of a walk-in shower in a bathroom with radiator

What are the pros and cons of choosing a walk-in shower?

Pros of a walk-in shower

  • Accessibility – they’re great for people with mobility issues or mobility aids (such as wheelchairs) and for the elderly
  • Aesthetic – they’re found in many contemporary, modern bathroom designs and create a high comfort, luxury feel
  • Flexibility – they can be customised to fit lots of bathroom layouts, sizes and styles
  • Safe – they’re good at incorporating safety features like hand rails, non-slip floors and shower seats
  • Spacious – they’re great at creating an open, spacious showering experience as there are no glass panels or shower screens that can make you feel closed in

Cons of a walk-in shower

  • More complex installation – walk-in showers are usually more complex and time consuming to install, and can sometimes be more expensive to have built, depending on your choice of design and customisation
  • Water leaks – it’s harder to contain water flooding in walk-in showers, so you need to ensure you have good drainage installed
  • Not space friendly – walk-in showers tend to need more space than step-in showers, making them less compatible with smaller bathrooms
Picture of a bathroom with natural materials and a ladder

What are the pros and cons of choosing a step in shower?

Pros of a step in shower

  • Space-efficient – step in showers work a lot better for a range of bathroom sizes, making them more practical for smaller bathrooms
  • Contain water better – unlike walk-in showers, step in showers are less likely to cause leaks or mess as they have a raised threshold and panels that keeps water from splashing out
  • Cost effective – step in showers tend to be less expensive to install

Cons of a step in shower

  • Harder to keep clean – step in showers are harder to maintain than walk-in showers
  • Less spacious – step ins are more confining
  • Less accessible – Step in showers are more difficult to use if you have mobility problems
Picture of a shower head with water flowing out

Therefore, you should get a walk-in shower if…

  1. You have a large bathroom with lots of space
  2. You or someone you live with has accessibility problems
  3. You want your shower to be highly customisable

Or, you should get a step-in shower if…

  1. You have a small bathroom
  2. You want to contain water damage and mess
  3. You’re on a budget

Ready to get started? Speak to a bathroom installation specialist today to request a quote.


How much does a walk-in shower cost?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £200 to £1,000 for a walk-in shower. How much you end up spending will depend on the quality of materials, where you live in the UK (cost of labour rises in London and the South), and what customisable features you want to add to your shower. For example, your choice of shower head, shower screen, and floor tiles will all impact on overall price. The average shower installation is between £350 and £600.

Renovating your whole bathroom? Check out our bathroom cost guide to get a better idea of how much bathroom projects might cost you.

Picture of a modern bathroom with grey and white tiles

How much does a step in shower cost?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £150 to £800 for a step in shower. How much you end up paying will depend on the quality of materials, where you live in the UK (cost of labour rises in London and the South), and what customisable features you want to add to your shower. For instance, have a think about whether you want sliding doors, glass doors, shower trays, and what material or tiles you want for your shower walls. The average step in shower installation is between £350 and £600.

For a more accurate quote, speak to a skilled bathroom fitter today.


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